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Sina Bari MD

Senior Director of Medical AI at iMerit Technology

Sina Bari MD had a circuitous journey to his current profession. After his father died when he was 8, he learned to code by translating his mother’s introductory computer science texts into English. By the time he was a senior in high school, he had mastered UNIX networking and created software for biological simulations on early parallel supercomputers. Sina used the money she made in IT to finance her successful academic pursuits in both undergraduate and medical school. Dr. Bari was the first in his class to graduate from Stanford School of Medicine. He was one of only three residents accepted into the prestigious accelerated plastic and reconstructive surgery residency program at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. He took part in the Stanford Bioinnovation initiative, which aimed to commercialize devices to lower infection rates in peritoneal dialysis, and he was one of the program’s participants.

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